Verhaltenskodex Code of Conduct, Englisch

Stand: 05.12.2019 3/3 9. Aminimum wage must be paid Our suppliers must ensure that the defined national minimum wage is paid and that the wages, social security contributions, overtime and other wage supplements paid are not less than the applicable legal or collective agreement requirements, whichever is the higher. All wages should in any event be sufficient to cover basic needs and to provide some additional disposable income. The method of paying wages must comply with the usual local practice. Unjustified wage deductions or deductions as disciplinary measures are not permitted. 10. Natural resources are used responsibly Our suppliers must ensure that all applicable laws and regulations aimed at protecting the environ- ment are complied with. Furthermore, we expect our suppliers to systematically adopt effective and preventive measures to reduce environmental impact. In particular, we understand this to mean the reduction of CO2 emissions and the conservation and efficient use of natural resources. It also includes initiatives to promote a sense of responsibility for the environment on the part of customers, suppliers and employees. 11. The integrity of the company is guaranteed Our suppliers agree to proactively combat all forms of corruption, including extortion and bribery. 12. Structures exist for implementing these requirements Our suppliers agree to develop guidelines in respect of the requirements stated above and to establish effective processes to ensure the fulfilment of all the requirements contained in this Code of Conduct. Compliance with this Code of Conduct can be the subject of an audit performed by us or by third parties instructed to act on our behalf.