Maintaining an overview – H-Rent equipment loan system from Haberkorn

Article No. J34898 • 11/2019 1 3 4 Removal Employees identify themselves with their fob chip every time they want to retrieve an item. The se- lected compartment is unlocked by the system and automatically recorded. Return Once the product is no longer required, it is returned to the dispenser. The status is entered in order to block the product if necessary and trigger an inspec- tion or replacement. Maintaining an overview Thanks to the cloud-based management software, you know where products are located at all times. In addition, you can always view their status and main- tain or replace them as required. Product maintenance Defective products are shown in the system and can be removed for maintenance. Inspected or new products can then be placed in the compartments. 2 It’s this easy 6961 Wolfurt T +43 5574 695-0 1030 Wien T +43 1 74074-0 6063 Rum/Innsbruck T +43 512 24400-0 4060 Leonding T +43 7229 687-0 9500 Villach T +43 4242 42038-0 8055 Graz T +43 316 287082-0 Haberkorn GmbH