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www.leister-group.com Leister Technologies AG, factory, Sarnen, Switzerland Axetris AG, Kaegiswil, Switzerland Leister AG, Headquarters, Kaegiswil, Switzerland Leister delivers performance. For 70 years, Leister has been the worldwide leader in the field of plastic welding and industrial hot-air applications. In addi- tion we also offer innovative and effective lasersystems and microsystems. Leister is proud to develop and produce all products in Switzerland – so you can always rely on the proverbial Swiss made quality. Over 98 percent of our products are exported. With an established network of 130 sales and service centers all over the globe, you will find a Leister partner guaranteed. We are local worldwide. Leister Technologies GmbH, Hagen, Germany Leister Technologies LLC, Itasca, USA Leister Technologies Ltd., Shanghai, China Leister Technologies Benelux BV, Houten, Holland Leister Technologies India Pvt, Chennai, India Leister Technologies KK, Yokohama, Japan Leister Technologies Italia S.r.l., Milan, Italy