Inventory management made easy, H-Scan online scanner

Article No. J42344 • 12/2019 6961 Wolfurt T +43 5574 695-0 1030 Wien T +43 1 74074-0 6063 Rum/Innsbruck T +43 512 24400-0 4060 Leonding T +43 7229 687-0 9500 Villach T +43 4242 42038-0 8055 Graz T +43 316 287082-0 Haberkorn GmbH It makes sense to keep items in stock if they are needed immediately. A Haberkorn racking system – tailored to suit your specific requirements – is the ideal solution in this case. However, if you can wait for a day, you can save yourself the cost of keeping stocks by ordering the items as and when they are needed. In this case, you create and use your individual Haberkorn barcode catalogue for this purpose – fast, simple and error-free. Is your requirement critical? Always the right solution Intelligent inventory management with Haberkorn Yes – inventory management Items must be available at short notice No – barcode catalogue Next-day delivery is fast enough