CompanyHaberkorn GmbH
Registered addressHohe Brücke
6961 Wolfurt
Company Register No.FN 217032 s
Company registration courtFeldkirch Regional Court
Telephone+43 5574 695-0
Business purposeTrade
Supervisory authorityBregenz District Administrative Authority
ChamberVorarlberg Economic Chamber
Licensed occupationGeneral mechanical engineering
Mechatronics for machine and production technology
Unrestricted trade
Trade regulationsAustrian Trade Act (available in German at
VAT Registration No.


Website purposeTo provide information regarding the company’s products and services, to promote the company’s sales and to provide information on trends and developments in technical products, personal protective equipment and lubricants
GT&CsAGB Download (PDF)
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Conditions of PurchaseEinkaufsbedingungen Download (PDF)
Conditions of Purchase Download (PDF)

Delivery Specifications


Board of Directors

Anliefervorschriften Download (PDF)
Delivery Specifications (PDF)

Gerald Fitz, Wolfgang Baur, Christoph Winder

All subsidiaries and their contact addresses can be found here.

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